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Monday Madness, or “What am I supposed to do with all these pictures!”

bites As of 2:19 PM (CST) today, my Surname folder contains 10,432 files, 552 folders, 5.14 GB… Wow!, that’s a lot of genealogical images collected over the years!

10,432 files and probably 95% or greater are images: original digital photos, scanned photos and documents and images downloaded from the Internet. Lots of census pages. Lots of census pages!

Most of the census pages are at their original sizes or only slightly smaller. Shrink ‘em down too much and they’re not readable. Some (many!) are almost unreadable at full size!

Why, oh why, weren’t census takers of old required to pass a handwriting exam?

Anyway, I have everything backed up (Of course! Doesn’t everyone?) on an external hard drive, a USB drive and now my new iPod Touch. Even a few CD’s. All are spread out in different locations, so I feel like my data is about as safe as it’s ever gonna be.

But what I really want is to have a location online, easy for me to manage and easy for anyone who is interested to be able to view and download anything that might be pertinent to their own family history researchings. Pretty much, I am willing to share any genealogical data that I have gathered. What’s the point of keeping it all locked up and inaccessible?

As I have my own website and self-hosted WordPress blog, I am able to set up a part of that site for images, which I did using the open-source Zenphoto program (actually the nice guys at my hosting company set it up). Zenphoto works well enough, but I was just never totally pleased with it. Then a couple of weeks ago the Zenphoto folks announced that they would no longer provide free support for their product and shut down the Users Forum. That was enough to convince me to look for another solution.

In the past I have used Flickr, but again wasn’t really happy with it. And I have also used Google’s Picasa on my hard drive and Picasa Web Albums to display my images. Then I tried Zenphoto.

What to do now? Stop being so finicky would be a good start!

Ok, so I’m back to Picasa Web Albums. 1 GB free storage, upgradeable to 20 GB for $5/yr. Considering that I only have a little over 5 GB of images on my hard drive, I can’t think of anything much cheaper than that!

I have created a link from my website to my Picasa Web Albums page and am in the process of uploading 14,432 image files to it. I’ll never be bored again!

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Amanuensis Monday: The Turner Family Bible

Unfortunately, only four pages, remnants actually, remain of the Isaac Turner Family Bible. It must have been a wonderful old volume! The earliest entry is the 1855 marriage of Isaac Turner and Sarah Sharpe Vance, occurring in Cannon or DeKalb County, Tennessee.

ITBible1 ITBible2 ITBible3 ITBible4

(click on image to enlarge)

This certifies that Isaac Turner and S. S. Vance were united by me in the Holy Bonds of Matrimony????????? 29th day of ????? in the year of our Lord 1855 in presence of      Signed:
Samuel Vance, J. B. Ellerge, S. A. Vance, M. A. Ellerge

Bettie Turner departed this life?????????

Sallie Turner departed this life??????
Mattie Turner Departed this life Dec????????

Isaac Turner was born December 28, 1827
S. S. Turner was born Feb 25, 1838
Mattie Turner was born M???1856
???? Turner was Born Nov 26 1857
? E. Turner was born Dec 13th 1???
Sallie Turner was Born Feb 14th 18??
I ? Turner was Born Feb 4th 18??
D ? Turner was Born Aug 27 18??
? ? Turner was born May 26 18??
E. L Turner was Born June 22nd 187?
J B Turner was Born Aug 21st 187?
M T Turner was Born Nov 15th 187?
(written across bottom edge of page) ? ? Turner was Born ? 25th 18??

? ? Turner & Jinnie Melton was Married May 21st 188?
E ? Wells & A E Turner was Married Decmber 23 rd 18??
(different handwriting from previous entries)
? Arthru Matthews & Edna Lea? were Married Jan 20th 1895 at First Baptist Church Abbott Tex ?? Rev. John Milton Glass

John Joseph Turner & Annie Victoria ???d were Married April 14th at the home of ??? Parents By Rev. Joe Q Hearne