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I went back to my blog, clicked on Log in, and…

Obviously, deleting the suspect plugin caused WordPress to revert to the default login script, thereby allowing me to log in to my site and create these posts.

This dilemma is analogous to a typical situation found in family history research:

A theory looks to be supported by reliable evidence and sources and seems to fit, only to suddenly find that some of that evidence is faulty, the sources are in question and the theory just doesn’t work.

What to do?

First, don’t panic. Stop and think. In most cases, doing nothing won’t hurt. Third great-grandpa Joe is already dead. It probably won’t bother him much if you take a break.

Step back and look at the big picture. What do you actually know about this man?  His family? The period in which he lived?

Review your evidence and sources. Has anything changed recently? Anything new been added?

Did you find something? Does that marriage date that you just added to your database seem not quite right? A closer look might reveal the culprit. 3GGF Joe most probably wasn’t married at age 12.

Yes, sometimes it’s that obvious and simple to correct. Throw that marriage date out, delete that plugin.

Maybe I don’t have the fancy login page that I wanted, but my site works again!

Same with genealogy. If it doesn’t work, throw it out and keep looking.


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