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The prompt for Day 8 of Women’s History Month is

Did one of your female ancestors leave a diary, journal, or collection of letters?  Share an entry or excerpt.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any letters or diaries. Between me and my 2 aunts, I’m not aware of any being in existence.

But, I do have a photograph of an old house, and on the back of the photo is info about the house, written by my 3rd great-grandmother, Susan William Lee (Martin) Kennedy (1843-1918). Pretty cool, I think!

Stanley home Grandview, TX view a Stanley home Grandview, TX view b

“J. T. Stanley

Grand View


Mrs Wm L Kennedy

Ownes This book”

The only problem is that this house is in Mineral Wells, Texas, not Grandview, Texas. Right owner, wrong location. Simply proof that every item of evidence needs to be thoroughly examined. Don’t assume anything!


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