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Women’s History Month, Day 6: Bubba’s Quilt

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“Describe an heirloom you may have inherited from a female ancestor…”

My great-grandfather Charles Arthur “Bubba” Rogers was a railroad man all of his life, first with the San Antonio & Aransas Pass Railway and later the Texas & Pacific Railroad. As a Bridge Foreman, he traveled all over Texas, wherever the railroad would go.

In 1925, a railroad cook named Liza Williams sewed a beautiful pinwheel quilt for Bubba. The quilting was done by Liza and her church choir.

Unfortunately, the quilt didn’t age very well. But all was not lost…

Several years ago, my late Aunt Jan (“…inherited from a female ancestor”) created wall hangings from remnants of the quilt and gave them to all of Bubba great-grandkids:



“Quilt made by Liza Williams (cook for boarding cars on T & P Railroad)

Made for Charles A (Bubba) Rogers in 1925

Quilting was done by Liza and her church choir

Bubba Rogers was Father of Charley Belle Rogers Stanley”

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