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Sentimental Sunday: My Grandparents’ 25th Wedding Anniversary


My grandmother had a close friend named Jennie V. Teague (Nanny calls her Jennie V and for the longest time I thought Jennie V was one word, Jennivee!). Jenny V could make anything ceramic! And I mean anything. We all have little gadgets, like spoon-holders, cups, and scrub-pad holders, made by Jennie V. populating our kitchens. The lady had an amazing talent.

A few weeks ago, I was cleaning out my kitchen cabinets and found this little item. It came to me when my grandmother was no longer able to live in her home alone and moved in with my aunt. What Nanny couldn’t take with her to my aunt’s house went to us grandkids and great-grandkids. I also have Nanny’s favorite rocking chair that at one time belonged to my great-grandmother.

This was created by Jennie V in honor of my grandparents’ 25th Wedding Anniversary. It is dated Dec 31, 1959. It is a bit dusty and in need of a good cleaning, but it has also been broken and repaired numerous times and is rather fragile. Honestly, I’m scared to handle it very much!

DSC00210 DSC00211

DSC00212 DSC00213

DSC00214 MilFStanleyII (22)

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3 thoughts on “Sentimental Sunday: My Grandparents’ 25th Wedding Anniversary

  1. This isn’t Jennie V. Teague of Bandera, TX is it?

    • I’m really not sure. Jennie V and my grandmother (Charley Belle) were friends forever! I remember going to her house once when she and her husband lived outside of Crowley, Texas, heading toward Rendon. I remember they had a wonderful Weimaraner dog, very sweet-natured. Does this ring any bells?


  2. What a wonderful keepsake for you to have! It’s beautiful.

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