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“Happiness is a warm puppy”


Remember this little book? I was given a set of these Peanuts books when I was a child, and I still have that set safely tucked away somewhere in my closet. Of the set, “Happiness is a Warm Puppy” was my favorite individual book. The image on the book’s front cover says it all!

In that same spirit, I would like to thank Debbie of Blanton Family Roots and Branches and Greta of Greta’s Genealogy Blog, who almost simultaneously awarded me the Happy 101 Award. Thank you so very much!

In accepting this award, I am to list 10 things that make me happy:

  1. My family- my daughters Sarah & Debbie, my soon-to-be-a-teenage granddaughter Stacie and my newest-and-cutest grandson Justin
  2. The first Texas Bluebonnets of the season- appearing in late March, heralding the end of winter and the beginning of beautiful Wildflower Springtime in Texas
  3. My fat and furry Siamese cat Nala- snuggled in my lap to get me through the cold winter months, or for whatever other reason she can think of, or for just no reason at all
  4. Finding a new piece of the genealogy puzzle- doesn’t matter how big or how small, still a thrill
  5. A spring storm- the wind, the clouds, the lightning
  6. Farmville- most of my ancestors were farmers…
  7. A Dallas Cowboys victory
  8. Chicken & Broccoli & Carrots & Cauliflower & Cheese stuff that my daughter just brought over- I don’t know what it’s called… but it is GOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!
  9. My warm, snuggly bed when it’s 17 degrees outside
  10. Mary Poppins

Next I am to nominate 10 blogs to receive this award. These are all newly-added to my Google Reader and as such I would like to learn more about them and their owners:


  1. ABT-UNK
  2. Ancestors Live Here
  3. Dr Bill Tells Ancestor Stories
  4. Moore History- Deep In The Heart Of Texas
  5. Finding Dad’s Family
  6. Genealogy Frame of Mind
  7. My Family Puzzle
  8. Portals To The Past
  9. The Wandering Vine
  10. Tonia’s Roots

Congrats to all!

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Sentimental Sunday: Nanny & Bubba

I have posted this photo before, but when the blogging theme for Sunday changed from Black Sheep Sunday to Sentimental Sunday, this image instantly came to mind.

Pictured here are my grandmother (standing), my great-grandfather Charles Arthur “Bubba” Rogers and my Aunt Jan at age about 5 years. My Aunt Jan was born in 1938, so this photo would have been taken about 1943.

My great-grandfather Bubba Rogers died 17 Dec 1942, so this may well have been the last photo ever taken of him. Since my grandmother and my aunt are both wearing coats and my aunt a hat, and in north Texas you don’t were coats usually until at least November, that dates the photo as taken only weeks or days before Bubba’s death.

The expressions on Nanny’s and Bubba’s faces are those of resigned acceptance. I think at this point, both knew that time was running short. Bubba appears tired and frail, and Nanny seems to show calm determination. Determination to make sure that Bubba knows that he is literally in the arms of his loving family…