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Daily Journal 6-8 Dec 2009: Emptiness

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I’m kinda surprised that Leaky’s death is hitting me so hard. She was almost 15 and I knew she wouldn’t live forever. I’ve had other cats that lived that long or even longer, and it’s never easy to lose one. I’m just outa sorts. I picked up all of Leaky’s toy balls that she loved so and put them away so they would be safe. My other cats don’t care about the balls, only Leaky. They were her babies.

I’ve been reading my rss feeds, that’s about it.

I got a very nice condolence card from my vet yesterday, all the techs and the office ladies and a couple of the vets signed it. That is so sweet.

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One thought on “Daily Journal 6-8 Dec 2009: Emptiness

  1. So sorry about your kitty! I don’t know what I would do without my animals.

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