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Daily Journal 3 Dec 2009: Google your grampa ('s house)!

When I got home from work, I checked my email and read my RSS feeds, as usual. A post by Randy at Genea-Musings caught my eye. Seems he Googled his grandparent’s house… and found it!

So I tried the same thing with my 2GGF Stanley’s house… and found it, too! So I posted about this really neat find!

Also had to do a little blog adjustment. Seems something I added to the blog a couple of days ago messed up my Twitter feed. Fixed now, my blog posts are showing up on my Twitter account again.

Supposed to snow again tonight or in the morning. Burrr! It’s cold!

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Daily Journal 2 Dec 2009: Snow!

Would you believe it snowed in Fort Worth this morning? A lot! I was at work downtown and about 6:30 am it started coming down. Didn’t stick on anything but cars, too warm, but it was still a pretty sight. Really big flakes!

Today I posted for the Christmas Advent calendar and for Wordless Wednesday.

Started on the preliminary work on Miles Francis Stanley’s file, editing images and converting several .pdfs to .jpgs. Getting better organized before I enter stuff in my database.

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Daily Journal 1 Dec 2009

I started this day out by taking my 14-year-old Calico cat Leaky to the vet. She seems to have an upper respiratory infection, she sneezes a lot! The vet gave her an antibiotic and antihistamine. P. S. Leaky doesn’t like having her temperature taken!

When we got home and Leaky stomped off to my bedroom (she’s a little unhappy with me!), I got online and read my email and RSS feeds, then posted for Day 1 of the Christmas Advent Calendar.

I spent most of the rest of the day working on this blog, installing some new plugins and widgets, adding a hit counter, etc. Just playing around.

For Tombstone Tuesday, I posted about my second great-grandparents Miles Francis and Trilla maryland Davis Stanley.