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You guessed it, folks. I am Jewish. But most of my Mom’s and Dad’s family are Christian, so my brothers and I celebrated Hanukkah and spent time with the rest of the family and shared in certain rituals of Christmas.

As kids, we would celebrate Hanukkah at our house with the prayers, the menorah and the 8 nights of gifts.

But on Christmas Eve, the entire extended family would gather at my grandparents’ house for food, family and more gifts.

So, although I am Jewish, I would still like to share with my geneablogger friends a few memories of those wonderful times 40 years ago.

Advent Day 1, The Christmas Tree:

Every Thanksgiving all the family met at my grandparents’ house, pigged out on wonderful food, watched football and… decorated the Christmas Tree.

The tree that I remember most fondly was only about 3 feet tall and flocked in white. It sat atop a huge, beautiful old table that had lion paws for table feet. My grandmother had one of those lights that alternately flooded the tree with red, green and blue light. There was a soft and fluffy white cloth that went around the base of the tree to simulate snow.

After lunch, my grandmother would bring out a huge box of ornaments. Home-made felt ornaments. There were a few traditional glass balls for effect, but those felt ornaments were wonderful! Cookies, boxes with bows, Santa, reindeer, toys… almost any Christmas item you could imagine was reproduced in colorful felt and rick-rack by my grandmother and aunts. Us grandkids would pick out our favorite ornaments and hang them on that little tree. A few aluminum icicles strategically placed and there before us stood the most beautiful Christmas Tree ever!

As Christmas grew nearer and nearer, gifts would start to accumulate under and around the tree. Excited as we all were, what was the most special to me was that wonderful little tree, all decked out in beautiful felt ornaments and red, blue and green light!


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