Notes from the past…

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Daily Journal 25 Nov 2009: Aromas!

Went to Walmart early, “got the milk, the eggs and the fabric softener”. Wonder what I forgot….?

Posted for Wordless Wednesday about my great-grandfather John Thomas Stanley’s 1918 newspaper likeness. GenealogyBank is such fun, you never now what you’ll find!

Also posted about the mystery of great-grandfather Stanley’s birthdate. This is a great way to gather all of the evidence together, thoroughly examine it and come to the most logical conclusion possible, by the way.

Converted a bunch of newspaper articles from .pdfs to .jpgs using PDF-XChange Viewer. More image editing in preparation for upload to my gallery.

Started searching for, finding and downloading GGF Stanley’s city directory entries.

Also started Thanksgiving cooking: Chocolate Chip Cookies, Sweet Potato Pie and cornbread for stuffing. Gotta get up early in the am to bake Grammaw Annie’s Coca Cola Cake, then get the two turkeys in the oven. My house smells delicious!

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Daily Journal 24 Nov 2009: Grunt work!

Got that housekeeping done for the stack of papers on my desk. Consisted of getting each individual’s records into his/her labeled manila envelope and getting said envelope into its special place in my file cabinet. Also uploaded documents of deceased individuals to my ZenPhoto gallery. Moved each individual’s electronic documents and images into his/her file on my hard drive. “A place for everything and everything in its place.” (Did you know that phrase originated in 1827?)

Finally, I cleared off my desk in preparation to study a major character, my great-grandfather John Thomas Stanley.

Posted my cousin’s headstone for Tombstone Tuesday.

Planned menu and grocery list for Thanksgiving meal. My granddaughter is spending the night to help with the prep/cooking. Off to Walmart at 6 am to beat the crowds!