Notes from the past…

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Daily Journal 16 Nov 2009

4 more ancestor’s files reviewed and updated.

I found some new info on a recently deceased aunt. Unexpected.

Discovered that my cousin and her husband were married in Las Vegas! How romantic! That little tidbit was found by accident, too.

Feeling a bit better this afternoon. Went to the clinic this am, got some medicine.

Life goes on…

P. S. A very cold north wind blew in late last night and it is cold around here today! Homemade chicken pot pie fpr dinner. Yum!

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Daily Journal 14 Nov 2009

This morning I got up feeling yukky, fixin’ to get sick. It’s about time! Most of my family and everyone at work has been sick, I guess it’s my turn.

I did go through a few more files this morning. These were all short tasks, as these folks are my living relatives, so basically BMD only.

By this afternoon I was running a fever and had retired to my handy-dandy couch. Nap time!