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Daily Journal 13 Nov 2009: Friday the 13th Edition

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No black cats, sneaky ladders or brittle mirrors today. But a very good research day!

Today I reviewed/updated the files of 12 people in my database. All but one were living close relatives/in-laws, so in reality there wasn’t that much to do with their files. BMD mostly, minus the D. As most are living, I didn’t upload any documents or images to my gallery, as a privacy consideration.

Of the 13 pages of ancestors to be reviewed, I have almost completed 1 page. 1/13 or almost 8% of my database reviewed and updated in the past 7 weeks. Doesn’t sound like much, but I’m ok with it. I know I have done a pretty thorough job with that 8% and that’s what really matters.

I also posted about the necessity of backing up your blog and my Follow Friday recommendation. This was all done by about 11 am, when my grandson JJ came for a visit. I haven’t quite figured out how to rock a baby and type on the computer at the same time, so….

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