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Follow Friday: Iconic Photos

I stumbled on this site a couple of weeks ago, and was immediately impressed.

Iconic Photos bills itself as Famous, Infamous and Iconic Photos. Usually black-and-white, these fascinating images document historic events, locations and people.

Categories include Art and Archeology, Politics, Science and Tech, Society, Sports and War.

How can this site enhance your genealogical research?

Have an ancestor who died in the Triangle Shirtwaist Company fire of 1911? Here’s a tragic image:


Need to illustrate a great-granduncle’s service in WWI? A few of the leading characters in this, “the war to end all wars”:


Did your ancestor survive the Warsaw Ghetto? Not many did…


As you can see, Iconic Photos is an amazing gallery of historic images. Is your ancestor to be found here?

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A word about backups…

DO IT!!!

Obviously I’m talking about backing up your genealogical data. That’s a no-brainer.

But what about your blog?

Sh-t happens, as evidenced by the recent data-loss-then-found-almost situation experienced by T-Mobile Sidekick users. What was supposed to be a very safe and secure place for your favorite and irreplaceable images and other such minor stuff, was suddenly a black hole.

What if something like that happened to your blog? Big as Google is, they are not immune to disaster. Sh-t happens, just ask T-Mobile…

You also need to backup your blog on a regular basis.

I use WordPress as my blogging platform, and operate it from my self-hosted site. When I decided to go the self-hosted route, I did my homework. I researched a lot of hosting companies and chose the one that seemed best for me. Stability, security, longevity, customer-friendly, etc. I feel pretty good about my choice and have been very pleased with the service so far.

But my hosting company could crash and burn tomorrow, along with my blog.

One of the things that I like about self-hosted WordPress is the availability of plugins to enhance a blog. There are plugins out there for every need.

The plugin that I use to automatically back-up my blog is WordPress database backup. Extremely simple to install, activate and set up a schedule for automatic backups. These backups can be downloaded to your hard drive, saved to your server or… sent to your email.

How much more convenient can it get? I set up my blog to be backed up and sent to my GMail every Friday, where I set up a folder to hold the backups.

Piece ‘o cake!

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Daily Journal 12 Nov 2009: The First Rollover!

Finished up a couple of my more recent ancestors. I’m really itching to get back to the big downtown library. A lot of work to be done there, a lot of newspaper look-ups. Maybe next week. I was sorta planning to hit the library once a month, but I want to go more often.

Most of my genealogy work was done this morning, because about noon, my grandson came to visit (my daughter had to go to work earlier than usual). So we did our usual grandmaw-rocks-me-and-I-get-more-spoiled-by-the-minute routine. Then it was bottle time. So I laid him down on the floor on his blanket so I could fix him a bottle. He was on his belly and he doesn’t like “tummy time”, I think he gets tired of lifting his head up. So in a few seconds he was winding up for a good howling, when…suddenly…he rolled over on his back! He had his right arm stretched out over his head, then as his temper tantrum was growing, he arched his back and lifted his head again and the weight of his head rolled him over on his back. The screaming hissy-fit suddenly stopped and a most perplexed face looked toward me.

I was laughing myself silly by this time, then my grandson started his baby-laughing. Just like that, the hissy-fit was forgotten!

I tried to put him in that same position again to see if he’d roll over again, but he hasn’t quite mastered it just yet. But, oh, what a first on his 5th (month) birthday!