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Daily Journal 8 Nov 2009: Will they ever learn?

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A short genealogy day today. A little after work and now I’m fixin’ to watch the Eagles-Cowboys game.

I’m finished with Dovie for now and next is her oldest son, my great-uncle Delbert Eugene Hall…uh-oh…surely not…you gotta be kiddin’ me…!

Would you believe 4 wives and a total of 7 kids for my Uncle Gene Hall? I got this info from an “online cousin” (first cousin once removed, in fact), but since she and her brother are 2 of Gene’s seven kids, I feel like it’s probably fairly accurate. This is the lady who sent me the pix of my grandfather Victor Earl Hall and his mom, Dovie, and also 2 images of Gene.

I already knew from my Dad that Gene had several wives, so I’m not totally surprised.

Of course, I want to find verifiable sources for all these folks, and to that end I have already located several birth, census, military and death sources. It’s just gonna take awhile to get all this stuff documented. So many people…

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