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I was leaving the downtown Fort Worth Public Library this afternoon and glanced up a flat-screen TV in the lobby: “Mass shooting at Fort Hood” was the message on CNN.

I stopped in my tracks. You see, my aunt and uncle live near Killeen, the town adjacent to Fort Hood. Both are teachers and my uncle at one time taught classes on base. I’m not sure if he still teaches there now.

My first thought was for their safety. Not much was known at the time about this situation, but according to CNN all area schools were in lock-down, so my aunt and uncle were affected and possibly in danger.

I immediately tried to call my aunt’s cell and got no answer. Then I sent her a text message and received a message a short time later that they were both ok. Thank goodness!

I was so pumped about today’s research trip and was able to answer a lot of genealogy questions. All that seems so small now, in light of this tragedy.

It’s about priorities.

Thinking of Fort Hood…


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