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Yesterday I posted about my plan to upload my TiddlyWiki research notebook to my hosted site. I even found digestible instructions and everything. (You like that word?) Well, as usually happens when something sounds to good to be true, it was. In spite of those tasty directions, I couldn’t get my little wiki uploaded. Not to my site, that is.

But it is online, hosted at TiddlySpot for free. I still have complete control and can edit my notebook online or locally and sync the two as needed. I even created another page here that links to my wiki. Click on the Wiki page to check it out. All the info is there for anyone to see, but only I can edit it, as a password is required. I could also make it private if I preferred.

I also completed my great-grandfather William Earl Hall’s files. Didn’t take long, as I have almost no data on him. A 1910 census entry, a 1906 marriage license, and his name on both my grandfather’s and my great-uncle’s delayed birth certificates, that’s it. He was the first of my great-grandmother’s 6 husbands and is believed to have died in a railroad accident ca 1917 (?). As I did my routine cursory search that I do as I examine each ancestor’s file, I did locate a possible 1900 census for him, but there is no way to know if this person is really my William Hall:

  • Born about Mar 1885 (my William ca 1887)
  • Born in Kansas (my William in Kansas)
  • Living in Indian Territory, now present-day Oklahoma (my William married my great-grandmother in Indian Territory, OK)
  • This William’s parents’ names are unreadable (smudged!) on the census page and the names of his brothers and sisters don’t ring a bell (not carried down to descendants’ names that I can tell)

So is this my William? Who knows… it would explain why my great-grandparents were married in Indian Territory, OK even thought they lived in north Texas and why my great-grandmother frequently dressed in full Indian garb (according to my Dad). There is an Indian connection, at least. I have never been able to prove that my great-grandmother Dovie McBurnett was actually a Native American and I have researched the McBurnetts back several generations with no mention of it. Perhaps her “Indian blood” was by marriage?

I’ll keep that census sheet in William’s file, but at this time I haven’t added it to my RootsMagic database.

I also posted my Follow Friday entry for A great site, definitely check it out!

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