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This evening was spent editing my grandfather’s real estate documents. These were originally downloaded and saved as .pdf files. Using PDF-XChanger Viewer, the .pdfs were exported as .jpgs, which made for some HUGE images. I’m not sure why the documents that the Tarrant County site hosted are so large, but they would make great wallpaper, using the original definition of the word! I ended up resizing them to 25% of their original sizes, and now they are quite clear and manageable. These and the rest of my grandfather’s image files were uploaded to my Flickr photostream.

A couple of days ago, I also downloaded several pages of city directory listings from for my grandmother, each that showed her as Mrs. Mamie Hall (with my grandfather not listed) and living at her parent’s home. These were dated 1935-1945, showing that they apparently were divorced (or at least separated) by 1935 and that she didn’t remarry until after 1945. Not only does this narrow the windows to locate these documents, but it also explains why my father was so close to his grandfather James Dixon Carr, since he lived in Carr’s home for at least 10 years during his childhood.

These documents are also a first for my research: sources that document where a person was not!

I am also trying to add a photo gallery program to my hosted site, so that I can display all of my genealogy images here rather than at Flickr. I’m already paying for the space of my hosted site and then also paying for a pro account at Flickr, which is kinda silly. The program was a “one-click install” done by my hosting company, which means they do all the work, since I really don’t have the technical know-how to do it myself. But when I uploaded images to it, the images don’t show. The names, sizes, and dimensions of the images are there, but not the images themselves. I have sent in a help message to the company for that little problem. I think I probably need to create a file to upload the images to, then connect that file to the gallery program, but I’m not sure how to do that.


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