Notes from the past…

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"I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it…!"

“… I’m about to lose control and I think I like it”

Don’t you just love that song? Every time I hear it, I just wanna get up and dance!

Well, right now I’m singing it and dancing it and trying to type at the same time, which ain’t easy! Why am I so wound up?

I got my RootsMagic database uploaded to this hosted website all by myself, and it’s actually there for all the world to see!!!

Let me explain: when I signed up for this hosted site several months ago and moved my blog here as a blog, I also wanted my genealogy database and all of my genealogy-related images here, too.

To that end, I set up PhpGedView (actually the guys at DreamHost set up WordPress and PhpGedView. Thanks, DreamHost guys!) for my database.

Now PhpGedView is a really neat program, and I thought that I could use PhpGedView online and RootsMagic on my hard drive for my database. Only problem with that idea was that when I updated RootsMagic, then I would have to manually update PhpGedView, too. No way to synchronize between the 2 programs. So in order to keep both current, I would have to do twice the work. Kinda silly, really.

And since I have paid for my hosted site a year in advance, I don’t want to just give up on it. I want all my genealogy stuff at one site that I can control!

RootsMagic, like many genealogy database programs, can create the files and HTML necessary to build a website. You just gotta upload these files and HTML somewhere, such as RootsWeb. Piece of cake, simple directions are available in the program’s Help files.

But to upload my RootsMagic-created website to my own hosted site… well, that was a little daunting. How do I do that?

Step 1 was to log onto the C-panel of my site and create a new directory, a new folder to upload the files to. Not too difficult. Ok, next…

Step 2 was to actually upload the files. Here I ran into a problem and an error message. Do those people really speak English. Hard to tell…

Step 3 was to send a message to the DreamHost guys, asking for help. The DreamHost guy returned my email the same evening with his suggestions. That was about 10 days ago, and I have been nervously considering his advice and hoping the little WebMaster Fairy would sneak into my living room one night while I was asleep and fix everything. It works with the Tooth Fairy…

I guess I’ve been a bad little girl, ‘cuz the WebMaster Fairy never showed up!

Ok, guess I gotta figure it out myself.

The very nice DreamHost guy suggested using a different FTP program to upload my files than the one provided by DreamHost. I have used FileZilla to upload my files to RootsWeb, so I decided to give it a try for this task.

After a bit of  hair-pulling over how to set up the access to my site, I finally was ready to give it a try. And to my amazement…


Wanna see it? Just click on the “Database” tab at the top of this page.


Treasure Chest Thursday: Western Union telegrams

On 22 Dec 1954, my uncle Miles Francis (Mike) Stanley II died in a tragic gun accident at age 14.

Out of school for Christmas break and seemingly with nothing else to do, Mike and a friend had borrowed a couple of guns without permission and gone target shooting atop a small hill near their homes. Being the teenager that he was, Mike held one of the weapons, a pistol, to his head and playfully said to his friend, “Dare me?” The friend told him to stop being silly and turned back to his own target. In the next instant, the sound of a pistol shot rang out. Mike’s terrified friend turned in time to see Mike’s body roll down the hill. The pistol had accidentally gone off, the bullet entering Mike’s head near his right temple. He was killed instantly.

My grandfather’s best friend was in the Navy and stationed at Norfolk, Virginia at the time of this tragedy. Uncle Dick, as we all knew him, was unable to return to Fort Worth to comfort his adopted family. These are the original Western Union telegrams that he sent to my grandfather to express his own heartbreak and condolences:

MilFStanley3 west union1

MilFStanley3 west union2

MilFStanley3 west union3