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“And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.”

On my genealogy, that is. My boss was on vacation all last week, so I was a bit too tied up at work (>65 hrs) to get any research done. But she is back today and this is my first day off since the 3rd of October, so I am fixin’ to dig in!

So how is my database overhaul going? Well, nothing got done last week, obviously. I have been thinking quite a bit about the work to done. I certainly made a good start, but there is still much to do. And, I need a bit more discipline, maybe… a to-do list.

I think if I assign myself a certain number of individuals to examine each week (say, 5) and a deadline to get them done, that will help to keep me on task.

To that end, I went looking for an open-source program to download to my computer. I had considered an online program, such as Remember the Milk, but I want something handy on my desktop.

I found a neat little program that I think will work: ToDoList. What I like about this program is the fact that it is very customizable, simple to complex, as you like it.

I have set up ToDoList to show the date the task was created, when it is do to be completed, the percentage of the task that has been completed and the time spent on the task:


I have listed the next five individuals from my database to be examined. I plan to give each group a week, seven days to be completed. This first group may take a bit longer, as I have a lot of data for each person to be reviewed.

But I’m not a harsh taskmaster! :)


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