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On Monday I posted about the need to overhaul my genealogy database and the solution to that problem that I have developed. So, how’s it going?

Pretty well, I think. I have completed the task with 9 individuals so far, all very recent and immediate family members, so there has been a lot of documents/images/data to go through. These “people pages” are now clear and as complete as I am able to make them at this time. No genealogy will ever be completely complete, but these records are much improved! The only image that I have added to each profile is a single photo of the person. All other images (documents and photographs) have been uploaded to my Flickr account. Of the 9 people, all but one are living, so all of these particular Flickr folders are set to private. Although my Mom is deceased, many of her documents list living family members, so her folder is also set to private.

As I prepared to upload these images, I also did a bit of “spring cleaning”,  rescanning some, discarding some, and bulk renaming all for clarity.

With each person, I also did a cursory web search consisting of a Google name search, as well as a check of Ancestry, Footnote, USGenWeb, GenealogyBank and the Family Search Record site, just to see if there was anything new out there. I wasn’t really expecting much, as these are all “recent” relatives and there’s usually not much available online.

To my pleasant surprise, I found a transcription of my Mom’s obituary from the Pueblo Chieftan (CO) newspaper! This was worded exactly the same as an obit from the Canon City paper that I already have, so nothing new, but since I didn’t know that the obit was even in the Pueblo paper, it was still a neat find!

I’ve also been working on other aspects of my RootsMagic database, as I’ve learned quite a few new “tricks” from reading the RootsMagic 4 manual. By the way, if you’re using RootsMagic 4 for your genealogy records, I strongly recommend you get the RootsMagic 4 manual. Wonderful stuff in here, folks! Very readable and very helpful!

I have cleaned up the places list and am working on the sources list. Many places and sources were duplicated, written just a little differently, but enough to have 2 examples of the same place or source. Those are now merged into 1 source. Also a few other corrections were made, for the sake of uniformity. Little stuff, but I hope these changes will make the database look and read better. :)

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