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Wow, this is one awesome laptop…or, I think I'm jealous!

I have just spent the past hour getting my granddaughter’s new laptop set up and ready to go. You know, anti-virus, Mozilla Firefox, Windows Updates, that sort of stuff. Let me tell you, this is one fantastic computer! I am amazed, and just a little jealous. I love my little Dell, but it is about 4 years old now, so it’s practically a dinosaur. Certainly something to think about…

This new laptop has Windows Vista, which is gonna take me some getting used to. I’ve used XP forever, so it seems.

But you know what the best thing about this new laptop is?

I get my computer back, in its entirety! I’m in the process now of moving all of my granddaughter’s photos (about 800!) to the new laptop, followed by her iTunes library. I feel like I’ve lost 10 lbs already :)

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Off to Best Buy for a new laptop!

As soon as my granddaughter gets outa bed (it is Saturday, ya know!), we’re off to Best Buy. They have a very nice Toshiba laptop for $299. Not for me, though. I’m hopelessly in love with my little Dell!

This laptop is for my granddaughter, who will be starting the 7th grade in a couple of weeks. Since she was frequently over at my house last year working on school assignments (thereby taking away from my genealogy research time!), middle school seems like a good time for her first computer. And at that price, I can’t afford not to get it!