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Last night, I was looking for an interesting image to post for Wordless Wednesday. I ended up at Wyoming Newspaper Project:

Discover the stories that formed Wyoming, through the Wyoming Newspaper Project. For the sheer volume of information they contain, newspapers are the single most important printed record of human activity. Historians, genealogists, and other scholars rely on them to provide a first-hand and sometimes the only account of local news. Available through this website are all the newspapers printed in Wyoming between 1849 and 1922, in an easily searchable format.

I first searched this database several months ago and was thrilled to find the obituary of Charles Bennett, my fraternal second great granduncle. So last night, I decided it was time for another visit.

After about 45 minutes of searching, then browsing, I was able to find two more Bennett obits, this time Alice Bennett and Jennie Bennett:


Jennie was the second wife of Charles Bennett.

I also found several articles concerning the estate of Charles Bennett. His third wife Daisy requested the sale of property to meet financial obligations, and then later notices of sale of land due to nonpayment of taxes. Interesting…

A few years ago, I found a reference to older brother George Bennett in a Wyoming history book, Progressive Men of the State of Wyoming, printed in 1901. A reference only, as I haven’t been able to locate the actual book. But last night’s searches led me to Google Books, and guess what I found?

Progressive Men of the State of Wyoming! And there on pages 605 and 606, was the story of George Bennett:

GeoBennettbioThis entire book is available at Google Books, and as a .pdf download. Of course I downloaded it!

I realize that this book has no sources or original documents, so it’s not gospel. But it is still interesting and valuable, as it discusses names, places and events that I have already verified through other sources.

I will continue to periodically revisit both the Wyoming Newspaper Project and Google Books, as each site continues to add to its database.


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