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I’ve been busy learning to use PhpGedView, and also manage my hosted site.

My hosting account promises unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage. Sounds great, right? But when you read the fine print (you do read the fine print, don’t you?), it states something to the effect of within reason. In other words, if I try to upload the entire image store from the Library of Congress, I’m gonna get a nasty little note from the hosting company. That’s fine, as I don’t plan on adding The Life and Times of Richard Nixon to my site any time soon…

(By the way, I think I may have lost my mind. The radio station that I’m listing to as I type this is playing Burl Ives’ Holly, Jolly Christmas. They’ve been playing Christmas music all morning. I’m soooo confused!)

Ok, back to the “unlimited” storage. As I see no need to waste all that “unlimited” storage on images that aren’t being used, I went to my site’s Ftp page, navigated to the media folder and deleted the images not being used. (As I said earlier, I’m certainly not a computer geek, but I can manage a few tasks :) )

Your next question is, “Why did you upload images that you don’t need?”

Well, that goes back to PhpGedView and how it handles image files. You can upload most any type of media files, including .pdf (very nice!), but there is a limit on the file’s size. Also, it automatically creates thumbnail images, usually. Don’t actually know what that size limit is (I’ll discuss the PhpGedView User’s Manual in a minute…), but if the image is too large, it either won’t upload it at all or it won’t create the thumbnail. And I want thumbnails! So after some trial and error last night, I managed to get most of the images that I wanted uploaded, but not all of the thumbnails were created. I decided the files must be too large. So I opened the images in question in my Paint Shop Pro and decreased the sizes by 50%. The originals were in the range of 2000 x 3000 (original census images downloaded from I don’t like to mess with this type of original document because sometimes the writing is so difficult to read. I have the originals on my hard drive and uploaded the smaller images. Now they work great, images and thumbnails are just as they should be, and readable. But that left a few of the original large images that did upload just taking up my precious space. That’s why I deleted them!

Ok, so after I played around with PhpGedView for a couple of hours last night, I’m pretty good at getting images onto the individual’s pages.

What was that you said? “Why not just read the User’s Manual?” Well, that would take all the fun out of it, now wouldn’t it!

PhpGedView has a wiki, PGVWiki set up for its Installation Guide, User’s Manual, Administrator’s Manual, FAQ’s, etc. But it’s kinda hard to find what you want sometimes. I tend to wander around in circles, bouncing from one page to another, ’till I find what I’m looking for. I wish it was packaged neatly in .pdf format that I could download, print out, staple together and then open it up in my lap as I work. In a perfect world…


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