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The word prompt for the 12th Edition of Smile For The Camera is A Noble Life. Show us a photograph of an ancestor, relative, or friend that is the embodiment of A Noble Life. A life that is worthy of those who came before and those who follow after. A Life filled with small but courageous acts; filled with love and honor. A simple life, an ordinary life, A Noble Life. Bring them to the carnival and share with us how you’ve honored them. Admission is free with every photograph!

Nathan Blunt Kennedy, MD with his wife Susan William Lee Martin Kennedy, ca 1880, Hillsboro, TX

Dr Kennedy served with the 27th Alabama Infantry during the Civil War.

He and his family moved to Hillsboro, Tx in the late 1870’s.

He was instrumental in creating the first Hill County Medical-Surgical Assocation.

Dr Kennedy was published in numerous medical journals of the time.

He served as Vice President of the Texas Medical Association.

Dr Kennedy advocated the formation of a state health sytem in Texas and pushed for better treatment for alcoholism.

He was active in the Hillsboro community, working for improved transportation and roads and for a better education system.

Dr Kennedy was also a published poet, truly a Renaissance Man!

Nathan Blunt Kennedy


2 thoughts on “Smile For The Camera!

  1. Ruth Stephens says:

    This line of Kennedys originated in Sumter Co, Alabama. My Dr Kennedy’s dad was John Kennedy and N B had physician-brother named John F Kennedy. That has made studying those boys a bit more interesting, for sure!

    Thanks for stopping by!


  2. I have a Kennedy in my family tree, but he was from Pennsylvania. Are your Kennedy’s all from Texas? Old photos are wonderful. I have a few that I treasure.

    On a side note: I had a visitor today try to find the URL to your blog from the Texas General Service Commission – Employment . No Kidding. He clicked on the old URL I still had listed in my bloglines account. I’ve got to update my bloglines but I’ve been trying to get used to Google reader.

    Are you hiring? lol It was just so strange that someone from that Texas office would look to My lil ‘ole blog. Have a great day.


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