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"Mr McBurnett lost 2 sons…"

My McBurnett research has lead me to, looking for Civil War military records for Dovie McBurnett’s uncles.

Her grandfather Nicholas McBurnett had 11 children, including 8 sons. Certainly an unlucky number in 1860 Georgia!

Thomas McBurnett was 19 years old in 1860 and brother Joshua was only 16. Both joined Company B, Cobb’s Legion from Carroll County, Georgia in 1861.

Thomas was killed at the battle of Richmond/Seven Day’s/Malvern Hill in August 1862.

Joshua was killed at the battle of Chancellorsville/Salem Church in May 1863.

I have found an absolutely amazing online book, 313 pages free to download:

Private James R Barrow and Company B, Cobb’s Legion Infantry

This book was written by a Barrow descendant and extremely well-researched. It gives names, dates, locations, family histories, photographs- just about everything you could ever want to know about Cobb’s Legion!

A third son, James also served and was captured at Vicksburg and paroled.

Dovie’s brother Wesley Paul McBurnett was killed in WWI in France.

A lot of sacrifice from one family…

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Great idea, Randy!

This morning, Randy Seaver wrote a review of Quicksheet by Elizabeth Shown Mills, the absolute Queen of Genealogical Citation Writing. This wonderful item is similar to the laminated “cheat sheets” that you find at college bookstores.

I don’t know about you, but documenting sources is my least-favorite genealogical task, probably because I never know how to write them correctly. I have Elizabeth’s book, Evidence Explained, but this Quicksheet promises to my life a little easier!

Thanks for the tip, Randy!