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That Appling pie is done!

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Since the Applings are not blood, but married into my Stanley tree, I really need to finish up with them and move on. Francis B Appling was certainly an interesting guy and through him I learned a lot about the Soutnern Claims Commission and post-Civil War life in Alabama. I think I could continue to research that surname for months to come! So I gotta give myself a nudge (shove!) in another direction…

My maternal great-grandmother Dovie C (Ruby Dovie) McBurnett Hall Stanley Epperson Priddy Copeland was also an interesting lady:

  • My Dad’s grandmother
  • Chickasaw Indian (yet to be fully proven)
  • Outlived 5 husbands (maybe more- a timeline would really be useful here!)
  • Apparently incorporated her dead sister Ruby’s name into her own
  • Her younger brother Wesley Paul McBurnett was killed in action in France during WWI- my only ancester (so far) to die in World War I

She was one of the main reasons that I got interested in genealogy. My Dad loves to tell fascinating stories about his “Indian Grandmother”!

I have done some preliminary research, enough to document at least those 5 husbands and 2 sets of children. I even met a “cousin” online, a lady related to my Dad’s uncle Gene Hall (by Dovie’s 1st husband, my great-grandfather William Earl Hall). I found Dovie’s McBurnett family in several census enumerations and even a reference to Dovie and William Earl Hall in a Chickasaw Nation Marriages 1895-1907 database. So either Dovie or William or both were most likely Chickasaw.

Nothing dull about this lady!

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