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GenealogyBank to the rescue (again!)

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I don’t have a standing subscription to, but I do stop by every few months, since I have found so many newpaper clippings there, mostly involving my Stanley and Kennedy ancestors.

This evening I wondered about the ‘Net, looking for anything new on Francis B Appling of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, from my Stanley line. Nothing from Ancestry or Footnote, but when I got to GenealogyBank, I struck pay dirt!

I filled in Francis Appling, keyword Tuscaloosa, and up popped his Southern Claims Commission report from 1898:

A reference to Francis B Appling’s SCC claim from 1873 indicated that the claim had at that time be disallowed. But this new document indicates that in 1898 the claim had been judged to be legitimate.

“It does not appear that any payment has been made therefor.”

By the way, the new search function at GenealogyBank is tons better than the old one! In addition to Appling, I have also found several new newspaper clippings for my Kennedy line! The one-month trial is only $9.95.

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