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The A, B, C's of Surnames or…It's meme time!

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As I prepare to jump back into my research after taking a few weeks off, I thought I would just start alphabetically with my surname list and do some Google searches and see if anything new pops up. That got me to thinking: Can I fill out the entire alphabet with my documented surnames? Yes, it’s a meme in disguise!

Here goes:

  • A is for Appling
  • B is for Bennett
  • C is for Carr
  • D is for Dixon
  • E is for Easley
  • F is for Fair
  • G is for Graham
  • H is for Hibbler
  • I is for Isler
  • J is for Janca
  • K is for Kennedy
  • L is for Lee
  • M is for McBurnett
  • N is for Noble
  • O is for Owen
  • P is for Pitts
  • Q is for —–
  • R is for Rogers
  • S is for Stanley
  • T is for Turner
  • U is for Urmey
  • V is for Vance
  • W is for Watts
  • X is for—-
  • Y is for—-
  • Z is for —-

No Q, X, Y or Z surnames. Seems I have my work cut out for me!

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