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Transcription help


I’ll bet we’ve all transcribed an old document and played the jump-back-and-forth game between the image that we were transcribing and the program we were using to transcribe the document, such as Wordpad or Writer. Maybe you’ve even tiled the 2 windows on your machine, which will work but still leaves a lot to be desired. The solution?

I happened across a really neat program this morning called Transcript 2.3:

“Transcript came into being because of my dissatisfaction with using a seperate editor and picture viewer when transcribing digital images of old documents. I always had to switch between the editor and my image viewer when I needed to move the image so the next part would be visible.

I thought that it should be easier when this could be done from within one program. I couldn’t find a program that did this though, so I decided that I would try to write such a program myself, and here is the result.”

The basic version is a freeware program and is perfect for my needs. Here is a screenshot of a contract between my 3rd great-grandfather Dr N B Kennedy and the Confederate States Army from 1862, as seen in Transcript 2.3:


No more bouncing back and forth between text editor and document image!

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2 thoughts on “Transcription help

  1. Ruth, I have awarded you the Kreativ Blogger badge, you can come by http:/ and pick it up. Great blog!

  2. What a fantastic piece of software, thanks for the heads up!

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