Notes from the past…


"All I want from Genea-Santa is…"

“Dear Mr. Genea-Santa,

I hope you’re having a nice day. I am, too. It’s getting very cold in North Texas, I hope snow is coming tonight! Can you take care of that, Mr. Genea-Santa?

I have been a very good girl this year. I have tried really hard to document all my sources, backup my work and share my finds with my Genea-Pals.

I only have a few things that I would like this year, Mr. Genea-Santa, if that’s ok.

First, I’d really like my great-grandfather William Earl Hall to send me a pretty picture frame to go with a photograph of his headstone. By the way, Great-Grandfather Hall, can you please send me a picture of that headstone?  I guess I don’t even know where you’re buried at…

Next, I promise I’ll be an extra-good girl next year if my 3rd great-grandfather Dr Nathan Blunt Kennedy could get me a little diary book with a lock on it. Kinda like the one I bet he kept when he was in the Civil War. As much as he liked to write doctor stories after the War, I just know he musta had a diary during the War. (Maybe you could just send my your diary, Great-Grandfather Kennedy, instead. Pretty please!)

Just one more thing. Can I please have a pet pig, like my great-grandmother MaMaw Stanley had when she was in the convent when she was a little girl. I promise I’ll feed it and keep it clean and take it for  walk everyday and play with it and love it! Oh, please, Mr. Genea-Santa!

Love, Ruth

P. S. Please give Rudolph a hug for me! And I don’t have a chimney, but if you could leave my presents on the back porch, next to the lawnmower, I’m sure they’ll be ok.”

(This post is for the Carnival of Genealogy, 62nd Edition: 3 Wishes!)

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Tombstone Tuesday

Jennie Margaret Melton

wife of Francis Lee Turner

(my great-granduncle)

born 21 Mar 1864

Blooming Grove, Navarro, TX

died 21 May 1887

(her 5th wedding anniversary)

Axtell, McLennan, TX

also believed to be buried here is her infant son Claude Turner

born 18 May 1887

Abbott, Hill, TX

died 25 Jan 1888

Abbott, Hill, TX

Graham- Mason Cemetery

Hill County, TX

(Frank Lee Turner was the father of Martha Rebecca and Lizzie and baby son Claudie. Grief stricken in losing his baby son and beloved wife Jenny, Frank left home in desperation. His little girls were sent to live with relatives. Frank was never heard from again.)