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A stocking stuffer for Dave Thomas


Remember Dave Thomas, the late founder of Wendy’s restaurants? Most folks probably know that Dave was adopted as an infant, and later created the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, a public charity “dedicated to dramatically increasing the adoptions of the more than 150,000 children waiting in North America’s foster care systems. The Foundation works to fulfill its mission by implementing result-driven national signature programs, awareness initiatives and advocacy efforts. As the only foundation dedicated exclusively to foster care adoption, we are driven by Dave’s simple value: Do what’s best for the child.”

Dave was a wonderful example of what an orphaned child can become when he or she is adopted into a loving home.

Here is another example of an adoption “gone right”:

On the left is Henry Thomas Fair and on the right is my great-grandfather John Thomas Stanley. Both boys were abandoned on the steps of the Hill County (TX) courthouse in about 1898. According to the family lore, times were tough for the Thomas family and young Henry (age 4) and John (age 2) found themselves alone on the courthouse steps one day, alone that is until Miles Francis Stanley, a beloved County Commissioner happened on the scene. Seeing the boys’ plight, he brought them home with him. When no family for the boys could be found, Miles adopted John and his brother-in-law and next-door-neighbor John Fair and wife Martha adopted Henry. Thus both both boys could remain together, discover new and loving families and grow into responsible, successful and loving adults.

Dave definitely had the right idea!

This post was written for the the upcoming 8th Edition of Smile For The Camera, the word prompt being Stocking Stuffer. Happy Holidays!

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2 thoughts on “A stocking stuffer for Dave Thomas

  1. It is great that there are kind loving people who will raise abandoned children. How fortunate for these two that although they weren’t adopted by one family, they lived next door to each other. Thank you for sharing this photo and their story.

  2. What a great story! I love a happy ending.

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