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“And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.”

(This was originally a private post, but I can now make this official, as my daughter has posted the wonderful news on her MySpace page!)

The above sung to the tune of “It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas”. :)

I have been up since 5AM, the turkeys went into the oven at 5:20 AM, and my house smells WONDERFUL! As I speak, my cats are sitting on the kitchen floor in front of the oven with those FEED ME! looks on their furry little faces. Last night, I baked a cake, a pie and the cornbread.

Did you catch the term “turkeys”? This year I’m cooking 2 turkey breasts, a total of about 17 lbs to feed 6 people. Why so much? My youngest daughter has requested enough turkey “for two”…. Yes, there is another grandchild on the way! (P.S. SUSAN- DON’T SAY ANYTHING, DEB HASN’T TOLD ANYONE, YET :) ) This will be my second grandchild. My first (and for so many years only) grandchild Stacie will be 12 years old by the time her new brother or sister arrives. Quite a gap there…I never thought I would have another grandchild. So we are all very excited and THANKFUL around here. We’re crossing our fingers already, though. Stacie almost didn’t arrive, as my daughter almost miscarried twice and then Stacie was born 8 weeks early. Unfortunately, my daughter has already begun to have some medical problems associated with the pregnancy, but we are hopeful.

So, Happy Thanksgiving to all!

I have many things to be thankful for this year:

  • My wonderful family, of course!
  • The possibility of the beginning of another branch of the family tree
  • In this crazy economy, I have a job that I don’t foresee going anywhere (unemployment-wise)
  • My dad has survived the first year after his triple bypass and is doing well at age 79
  • I am in good health

A few genealogy “thankfuls”:

  • The Internet!
  • Computers!
  • This wonderful online community of genealogists and family researchers.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day filled with good family and good food and… GO COWBOYS!

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  2. Let’s hope the ‘Boys do good today! I know we’ll all be watching it! Have a great turkey day!


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