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I just put in the search term “s w l kennedy” into the Google News Archive Search and got back a Supreme Court of Texas document from 1886! It deals with the appeal of the Last Will & Testament (sorry if I’m not phrasing this correctly- I’m not up on Legalease!) for the father of my 3rd great-grandmother Susan William Lee Martin Kennedy. So I guess James H Martin would have been my 4th great-grandfather. Apparently someone thought this will was a forgery! Here’s page 1 of 5:

It’s gonna take me awhile to swim through this “language”, but I have already found a date and location of death for James H Martin, info that I didn’t have until now!

A bit about where this document came from: the Google News Archive search took me to a site called Fastcase, “the next-generation legal research system that offers unlimited access to a comprehensive 50-state and federal case law database.” What was freely available was basically a preview of my document, but it showed enough that I was able to determine that this was about my “s w l kennedy”. It cost $4.95 to get the entire 5-page document, but that was money very well spent!

Stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “OMG! The most amazing thing just happened!

  1. Lidian says:

    Ruth, that is brilliant! I am really happy for you, can’t wait to hear more about this!


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