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A new source for archived newspapers


Did you know that Google has a News Archive Search? I didn’t until today. I don’t know the specifics as far as how many newspapers and how far back the archives go, but a quick search for news about Robert Kennedy’s 1968 assassination brought back this from the St Petersburg (FL) Evening Independent:

My search term was “R Kennedy Shot!”, which was the headline for the next morning’s edition of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. I can still see clear-as-day that newspaper headline as my Dad sat at the kitchen table reading the newspaper that morning! One of those things you never forget, I guess. I was only 10 years old at the time and just beginning to become aware of world events, I think.

Anyway, this could be a very handy resource!

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2 thoughts on “A new source for archived newspapers

  1. RUTH,
    1. Thanks for reminding me to try this new (to me) index. I’ve just spent the last hour+ searching and having a good time.
    2. Congratulations on your discovery today of an article about your relative — I’d say that was money well spent!

    Terry Thornton
    Fulton, Mississippi

  2. Oh, yes, I found out about this resource some time ago. It was just a day or so after, or maybe the same day even, that I had been in Mount Carmel (that’s two towns east of here) going through the 1890′s newspapers because no local papers exist from that time period; fire or flood damage they tell me. I had been trying to locate an article about an incident I had heard of, involving the Congress career of one of the people I’m researching, but didn’t have a specific date. For various reasons I guessed it would have been about January 1899, but I spent over an hour going through the January AND February papers, and then finally decided I wasn’t going to find it and stopped at around early March. But as I was leaving, I thought to myself–”With my luck, it would have happened in March.”

    So I came home, presently discovered Google News Archive search, and within a few minutes found an excerpt from an article about the very thing I’d been looking for–dated late March 1899. Really!

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