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This morning I created 2 more pages of Mom’s Red Photo Album, after not touching it for about 3 weeks. Last night I posted the album itself, to see if I could. (With my blog, I couldn’t post it!). Glad to get back into that task.

I also learned how to add images to my TNG database. Pretty simple, actually. This program really needs a manual! If I need help, I have to consult either their wiki or forum pages, where I may or may not find answers to my questions…

For whatever reason, my RootsMagic GEDCOM is easily imported into TNG, but the images are not. I have RM set to export images, but the images don’t make it into TNG. The name and info about the images arrive, but not the images themselves. Have I got TNG set-up incorrectly? Quite possibly, as I said there is no manual.

So my plan is this: add all data & images to RM, then as I complete each surname, I will export a GEDCOM and import it into TNG, and add that surname’s images at the same time. Having the online TNG database is great, but if I should lose my internet connection (ex: Gustav!), all of my data would then be inaccessible. Of, course on the other hand, if something happens to my real-time data, I have it all safely stored online. A fair trade, I think!

3 thoughts on “Finally!

  1. Ruth Stephens says:

    Bruce, thanks so much for your input! I felt like I had RM set correctly, but I didn’t know about TNG. You have certainly solved my problem!
    It’s pretty easy to upload the images to TNG, I just didn’t want to be doing “double-duty” if I didn’t have to :)


  2. Bruce says:

    When RootsMagic exports the GEDCOM, it exports “links” to the pictures (not the pictures themselves). The pictures don’t go in the GEDCOM file since it is simply a text file. You would need to upload the pictures separately from the GEDCOM file. Since the pictures would be in a different “path” on the server than on your computer, I’m not sure whether TNG can handle that.


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