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“And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.”

One moment patting myself on the back… and the next instant, I’m kicking myself!

You see, I decided that I didn’t like to theme for my TNG database…so, just like the Grinch, I thought about it and thought about it…so I think I figured out how to change the theme to another of the themes that came with the program…I figured that I would just have to trade the present like-files for the ones in the new theme…so I tried it with one image file…and it worked…so I traded out the rest of the files…and it still worked…problem was, the photographs in the new theme where of who knows who…and I wanted my ancestors’ pix in there…so I found those image files, open them up in my Paint Shop Pro, and redid them as my ancestors’ photographs…so it traded these new image files…and it worked yet again!…so I went to my WordPress blog to tell you all about how d-mn smart I am, and…my blog was nothing but a bunch of error messages!…panic!…panic!…panic!…but, wait, maybe I just put a file in the wrong directory?…looks like I put the index.php file into the WordPress directory, instead of the TNG directory…so I downloaded another WordPress, found the file I needed, and uploaded it into the WordPress directory, and…YOU’RE BACK!!!

One thought on “OMG! I thought I’d lost you!

  1. Val says:

    Take it easy there, girl! :) Looks like you fixed it up just fine! The database is BEAUTIFUL, too, great work!!! I would love to have something like that for my own site, but I try not to spend much on internet services, and what did you say it was? $30?! Nope, sorry, not for me! But your site is really looking great!

    Now, I’ve got to get ready for another grand ol’ research trip…will post on the blog when I get back.



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