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OMG! I thought I'd lost you!

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One moment patting myself on the back… and the next instant, I’m kicking myself!

You see, I decided that I didn’t like to theme for my TNG database…so, just like the Grinch, I thought about it and thought about it…so I think I figured out how to change the theme to another of the themes that came with the program…I figured that I would just have to trade the present like-files for the ones in the new theme…so I tried it with one image file…and it worked…so I traded out the rest of the files…and it still worked…problem was, the photographs in the new theme where of who knows who…and I wanted my ancestors’ pix in there…so I found those image files, open them up in my Paint Shop Pro, and redid them as my ancestors’ photographs…so it traded these new image files…and it worked yet again!…so I went to my WordPress blog to tell you all about how d-mn smart I am, and…my blog was nothing but a bunch of error messages!…panic!…panic!…panic!…but, wait, maybe I just put a file in the wrong directory?…looks like I put the index.php file into the WordPress directory, instead of the TNG directory…so I downloaded another WordPress, found the file I needed, and uploaded it into the WordPress directory, and…YOU’RE BACK!!!

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One thought on “OMG! I thought I'd lost you!

  1. Take it easy there, girl! :) Looks like you fixed it up just fine! The database is BEAUTIFUL, too, great work!!! I would love to have something like that for my own site, but I try not to spend much on internet services, and what did you say it was? $30?! Nope, sorry, not for me! But your site is really looking great!

    Now, I’ve got to get ready for another grand ol’ research trip…will post on the blog when I get back.


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