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Or so it seems…

I’ve been a little side-tracked the past few days and haven’t done much of anything genealogy…at least not conventional genealogy :) .

My family has had a bit of a medical emergency that took some help to resolve. My granddaughter’s cat Raven got sick to the point that we feared that she would have to be put to sleep, but it turned out that the worst of her illness was a reaction to the medicine that the vet gave her for her original ailment, so once that was resolved, Raven rapidly improved. But it took 3 trips to the vet in 2 days. And since my daughter was at work, Gramma got volunteered to drive the ambulance! But Raven and my granddaughter as both fine now, thank goodness.

Also, ever since I got DSL a few months ago, my granddaughter loves my computer! To the point that some days I can hardly even use it myself :( .

But on Saturday it suddenly occurred to me to get out my old laptop and get it up to speed for my granddaughter to use. So Sunday and Monday were spent updating the old laptop and setting up a wireless network for my house (which was really very easy to do, if you’re thinking about creating one for your home!). And of course I had to go and buy a pink mouse for Stacie to use with her computer!

So today Stacie has her own computer to use, I have my computer back and Raven the Cat has her health. A happy ending for all!

One thought on “It’s all about the grandkids (and grand-cats)!

  1. wendylittrell says:

    Our laptop (thankfully a “freebie” from a relative who had one too many!) was used by the 7 yr old grandson to play his games. Then the sound card died & we discovered we didn’t have near enough room on the hard drive. We fixed that by putting all his games on a flash drive so now he can play his games & not even touch the hard drive! Glad your granddaughter has her “own” computer so you can get to yours!


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