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Ever since I moved up to DSL from Dinosaur Dial-Up a few months ago, my granddaughter (and occasionally my daughter) comes to my house to use my computer. My laptop is faster than her desktop, plus with the DSL, YouTube is now a favorite site. Which is all fine and dandy, except when I want the laptop for genealogy. Then the battle begins!

Suddenly on Saturday a brilliant light flashed in my head! (I hope it was a “light”!) Why not get out my old laptop, the one that is collecting dust on a shelf under my desk, and set it up for my granddaughter? Maybe she’ll leave mine alone…

So yesterday when I got home from work, I got the old laptop out, dusted it off and plugged it in to start charging. I then opened it up and did some housecleaning, deleting basically everything but barebones XP.

Then this morning I set it up to use my ATT-Yahoo DSL, downloaded a free antivirus program (AVG) and got that set up and working. Then I installed my printer (we will share) and Paint Shop Pro 7, set the security and privacy options, and started the virus scan.

My granddaughter came over after breakfast and we went to Best Buy for a mouse and a wireless router. The old laptop doesn’t have built-in wireless, but I already had a wireless card for it. We got home, set up the router (easy as pie- I thought I’d have to kidnap one of the Geek Squad guys!), and now…


I have my computer back!

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