Notes from the past…

After drooling all over my laptop…


…while admiring the Chart Chick’s wonderful genealogy charts presented at Shades of the Departed

I decided it was really time for me to do some actual research. So, after blow-drying my laptop, I got to examining my Appling ancestors from Tuscaloosa Co, Alabama. The Applings married into my Stanley family (my Mom was a Stanley). I have so many surnames in Tuscaloosa County that the county just needs to be renamed, I think.  Would the Post Office approve of Stanley-Appling-Chappell-Davis County, Alabama? Probably not, too many letters.

Anyway, I may have discovered another surgeon in the family. Francis B Appling has been listed in some records as Dr Franics B Appling. The father-in-law of my second great grandaunt Brazora Stanley, Frank Appling is listed in the Southern Claims Commission Records, so I am trying to find documentation of Civil War service as a Union surgeon. He would have been about 30 when the War started. Interestingly, in 2 later census enumerations, he is listed as disabled…

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