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After drooling all over my laptop…

…while admiring the Chart Chick’s wonderful genealogy charts presented at Shades of the Departed

I decided it was really time for me to do some actual research. So, after blow-drying my laptop, I got to examining my Appling ancestors from Tuscaloosa Co, Alabama. The Applings married into my Stanley family (my Mom was a Stanley). I have so many surnames in Tuscaloosa County that the county just needs to be renamed, I think.  Would the Post Office approve of Stanley-Appling-Chappell-Davis County, Alabama? Probably not, too many letters.

Anyway, I may have discovered another surgeon in the family. Francis B Appling has been listed in some records as Dr Franics B Appling. The father-in-law of my second great grandaunt Brazora Stanley, Frank Appling is listed in the Southern Claims Commission Records, so I am trying to find documentation of Civil War service as a Union surgeon. He would have been about 30 when the War started. Interestingly, in 2 later census enumerations, he is listed as disabled…

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The Chart Chick at work!

Shades of the Departed has a really neat Friday From The Collectors post today! Chart Chick Janet Hovorka of Generations Maps has presented some examples of the type of genealogy charts that Generations Maps can produce, and they are awesome! These are not the usual descendent or pedigree looks. Janet has incorporated old family photos into these very distinctive charts to create some really spectacular images:

“This lady focused on the family of 7 girls and one brother down the center right of this chart. To their right are the parents and grandparents. Then for each of the 8 children, she did a separate chart where she enlarged one of the 8 children, added that child’s spouse(s) and then put their descendants to the left. She added wedding, group and house pictures at the bottom right for each family…”

My own favorite is Janet’s matriarchal line:

Janet has presented some really great gift ideas, and Christmas is only 152 days away!