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An office person I'm not!

I have been fighting (literally, it seems!) with OpenOffice Writer for 2 days! I have been trying to put together an ebook of Dr N B Kennedy’s Civil War service, and Writer has been bucking me all the way. It’s probably me, as I have never taken so much as one “office” class, such as typing or how to use an office-type computer program or the like. Yesterday I had the entire book complete, with but a few little typos yet to resolve, and somehow I managed to freeze Writer over and over again! I even found an online word processor that I could upload my file to, and it froze! Apparently in creating the file, I turned left instead of turning right and created a corrupt or otherwise unopenable file. I had saved a bit of the manuscript as a simple text file, but most of it was lost when I was forced to delete the entire file. Writer would not open at all as long as the file was on my hard drive!

Of course I still have all of the original documents and those graphics that I had created for the book, so when I got home from work this afternoon, I began the book anew.

So now I am about halfway through the “rewrite”, as it is much simpler to put it together a second time. Hopefully, the ebook will be finished (again!) by tomorrow evening and I will be able to upload it to my Lulu storefront.