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Art. 6227. MORTUARY WARRANT. Whenever any pensioner who has been regularly placed upon the pension rolls under the provisions of law relating thereto shall die, and proof thereof shall be made to the Comptroller within forty (40) days from the date of such death by the affidavit of the doctor who attended the pensioner during the last illness, or the undertaker who conducted the funeral, or made arrangements therefor, the Comptroller shall issue a mortuary warrant for an amount not exceeding Two Hundred Dollars ($200), payable out of the Pension Fund, in favor of the heirs or legal representatives of the deceased pensioner, or in favor of the person or persons owning the accounts. (Proof of the existence and justice of such accounts to be made to said Comptroller under oath and in such form as he may require for the purpose of paying the funeral expenses of the deceased pensioners. In such cases where a warrant for the pension for the month during which the pensioner died has been issued, the same shall be returned to the Comptroller who shall mark the same “Cancelled” and file it; or if the warrant has been cashed, then the Confederate Pension Fund shall be reimbursed with the amount for which the warrant was drawn before the mortuary warrant herein provided for shall issue. Where such warrant for the pension has not been issued, the same shall not be issued, but the mortuary warrant herein provided for shall take place thereof.)

Texas Vernon’s Texas Civil Statutes- Article 6227. Mortuary Warrant

…Oh, ok, to pay for Sarah’s final expenses!


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