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On June 12, I sent an email to the Texas State Library and Archives Commission requesting a copy of the Confederate Pension Application File of my great-great-great grandmother Sarah Jane Carroll (John Bunyan Carroll). The process is quite simple: search the database, if you find an ancestor, just send an email to the address given and they will send copies of whatever files they have, along with an invoice.

And it was really just that simple. So when I checked my mail this evening, there was a large manilla envelope from the Texas State Library and Archives Commission! Inside where 13 pages of documents…and a bill for $2.64!

Enclosed was:

  • the application, including names, dates of birth, marriage & death, and the name of the unit that J B Carroll served in and when he served
  • witness statements attesting to the facts that Sarah Jane was his widow, that she had been a “bona fide resident citizen of Texas” since 1855, and that J B Carroll had served in Captain Riley Wood’s Command, Texas Cavalry, Confederate States Army (this group was part of what would later become our modern-day Texas Rangers!)
  • a request sent to the Adjutant General, United States War Department for the Military Record of J B Carroll
  • an invoice from W T Little & Sons, Hardware, Furniture and Undertakers- for the final expenses of Sarah Jane Carroll, who died in 1942 at the age of 99
  • an Application for Mortuary Warrant for Sarah- stating when & where she died, including a statement from the attending physician at the time of her death

The last two documents where required to close the file, I’m sure.

The good news here: Sarah was awarded the pension on July 1, 1931 and received it until her death. Unlike poor Sarah Turner, Sarah Carroll was not represented by Wills & Co of Washington, DC!

Now I just gotta figure out what a Mortuary Warrant is…


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