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I am currently putting an OpenOffice Impress presentation together (equivalent to PowerPoint, but free!) of Isaac Turner’s Pension file. I went surfing this morning looking for an advertisement from the 1890’s for the law firm that represented Sarah Turner in the pension claim process, N W Wills & Co of Washington, DC. Trying to add a little local color to the presentation.

I went to the New York Times site, where you can find and download articles from their archives 1851-1980 for free. So I typed in W H Wills & Co (which as I’ve discovered through my research is an earlier version of N W Wills & Co.: Walter H Wills & Norma W Wills). I had wondered about the name change, but over the years I figured someone had retired or died or something.

The first article that popped up in the search was this:

W H Wills & Co Pension Fraud

I couldn’t understand why Sarah’s claim had been denied because of her property holdings, income and inability to prove a child’s birth. Isaac Turner still fought for his county and deserved that pension!

The reason is now abundantly clear.

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