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The Texas Governor's Mansion

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The remains of the Texas Governor’s Mansion after Sunday’s fire:

According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram,

“(Gov. Rick) Perry’s office has expressed strong interest in rebuilding the 152-year-old landmark, which has been home to Texas governor’s from Sam Houston to George W. Bush.

In addition to a sprinkler system, the renovation project, first estimated at $10 million, was to include new plumbing, lead paint abatement and restored windows and shutters. It was to have been completed by next spring.

Inside, all furniture and relics had been removed, paint and wallpaper had been stripped from the interior walls and experts had begun efforts to preserve the home’s ornate crown molding. Massive plumbing repairs inside the house had not been completed.”

Thankfully the important stuff, mainly people and relics, where not home at the time of the blaze!

For more images: Governor’s Mansion- Interior Damage.

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