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I promised that I would present a better view of Sarah’s deposition, so here it is. Yesterday, I was in a rush to get to work, so I didn’t have much time. This morning I scanned her deposition, but since the pages are longer than my scanner, I had to scan each page twice and then combine them into 1 image, hence the changes in the shades of the images. All of Sarah’s handwriting is intact and clear. Click on the thumbnails.

Sarah S Turner Deposition, Page 1

Sarah S Turner Deposition, Page 2

Sarah S Turner Deposition, Page 3

I am going to try something new with this file. I want to create a .pdf presentation, and then upload and include it, either in a post, or preferably in the Turner Surname area. I have found a free PDF converter program that worked well with a trial census image, so give me a few days to get all 55 pages scanned and edited as necessary, and converted to .pdf format. If it turns out well, then I will use it with N B Kennedy’s Civil War military records, too.


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