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A quick how-to lesson

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If anyone wants to know how to create a pdf document and add it to WordPress:

  • Open a new OpenOffice text document
  • Copy image (a page of Sarah’s deposition), paste to text document
  • Press <enter> to move to next page
  • Copy/Paste each image to new page
  • Click File, then Save As .odt (OpenOffice document)
  • Click File, then Export as PDF
  • Select where you want pdf document to appear in WordPress (a post or a page)
  • Click Add Media at top of post or page
  • Upload pdf document

To make the document into an ebook, just add a title page, table of contents page, page formatting, etc.

That’s it! And it only took me all day to figure it out. (Not totally true, as I spent most of today running around town with my daughter!)

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One thought on “A quick how-to lesson

  1. I’m glad to see I’m not the only OpenOffice fan out here. You might find Solveig’s Training, Tips and Ideas blog handy. She wrote the book (literally) on OOo.

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