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An office person I'm not!

I have been fighting (literally, it seems!) with OpenOffice Writer for 2 days! I have been trying to put together an ebook of Dr N B Kennedy’s Civil War service, and Writer has been bucking me all the way. It’s probably me, as I have never taken so much as one “office” class, such as typing or how to use an office-type computer program or the like. Yesterday I had the entire book complete, with but a few little typos yet to resolve, and somehow I managed to freeze Writer over and over again! I even found an online word processor that I could upload my file to, and it froze! Apparently in creating the file, I turned left instead of turning right and created a corrupt or otherwise unopenable file. I had saved a bit of the manuscript as a simple text file, but most of it was lost when I was forced to delete the entire file. Writer would not open at all as long as the file was on my hard drive!

Of course I still have all of the original documents and those graphics that I had created for the book, so when I got home from work this afternoon, I began the book anew.

So now I am about halfway through the “rewrite”, as it is much simpler to put it together a second time. Hopefully, the ebook will be finished (again!) by tomorrow evening and I will be able to upload it to my Lulu storefront.

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I have been busy…

…downloading Dr John F Kennedy’s NARA file to my hard drive, along with all the other goodies I have found on Footnote in the past several days. Why? You see, it’s like this….(remember the Saturday Night Live skits about Wayne’s World? The part where Wayne and Garth fade away into their day dreams (usually about Heather Locklear!)? Remember the strange sounds as their imaginations take over? Well, those sound effects can be heard right now!)… I originally had a free acount at Footnote and I had bought and downloaded a couple of death certificiates from them. The items I bought were supposed to stay in my “account” online, available to me forever more. Problem is, when I actually went to a paid subscription, those items disappeared from my account. So, now I make sure I download everything to my hard drive (which I had already done with the 2 death certificates, anyway), for when someday I don’t have a paid subscription. Just in case…

Anyway, the plan is to create ebooks out of these new-found yummies. Might be a little while, cause I have been pretty busy at work, plus it is so hot in Texas right now that I just don’t feel like doing anything, genealogy or otherwise.

But I’m sure I’ll get back to research soon enough. It’s hot in Texas 5-6 months out of the year, and I’m not fixin’ to waste all that valuable time, believe me!