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A mother's loss

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I have been studying my Turner ancestors from DeKalb Co, TN and Hill Co, TX. Isaac and Sarah Turner had 14 children (ouch!), and not all survived to adulthood. As I have been researching each of those 14 children, I suddenly realized something. Take a look at the timeline for Sarah Sharpe Vance Turner:
Sarah Sharpe Vance Turner Timeline

Look at the blue box towards the bottom. Sarah lost her husband and 3 of her children, one of her daughters-in-law and also her oldest grandson in a span of only 18 months!

I think most of us have lost someone we are close to. And the death of a child has to be the most horrible loss of all. So just imagine what Sarah might have gone through in 1887-88. I simply can’t conceive being in that situation.

By the way, this nifty little timeline is a report that is generated by Family Tree Legends, the free software I have recently begun using. Pretty cool!

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